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Outlook Tip: Show all Mondays in the Calendar

you can view all Mondays, or all Tuesdays, or Wednesdays... or a mix of non-contiguous dates in the Day view. The only issue that you won’t be able save the view and are limited to 14 dates. It's also limited to the Day view (and Schedule view, but isn't very effective in schedule view, IMHO).

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If you plan to select dates that span more than one month, adjust the dividers in the navigation pane to display more thumbnail calendars. Then hold Ctrl key as you click on each date in the thumbnail calendars.

To adjust the dividers to view more calendars or scroll the calendars after you've selected some dates, hold Ctrl key as you make the adjustments. This will allow you to adjust the thumbnail calendars without losing the already selected dates

Unfortunately, this view is not persistent. If you need to refer to it frequently, open the calendar in a separate window before selecting the dates. (Right-click on the Calendar folder, choose Open in new window.)

More Tips

To select adjoining dates to the view, hold Ctrl+Shift as you click on the first date then on the last.
If you want to view up to the next 10 days, press Alt+n, where n is between the 1 and 0 on your keyboard to automatically select that number of days (0 = 10 days). You'll need to use the number row; this trick doesn't work with the numeric keypad. (You can hold Ctrl and select additional dates from the thumbnail calendar, up to 14 days.).


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