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How to run your Windows PC in dark mode

Microsoft, in a recent Windows 10 update, expanded the dark theme to also include all parts of File Explorer. The built-in dark mode changes your windows to black, and turns your text and icons to lighter colors, making everything look more like shadows. This helps when you want to do away with the glaring white and bright backgrounds from the operating system, as well as when using your PC in low light without straining your eyes.
If you prefer to work with darker tones, or simply like the contrasting appearance afforded by dark mode, we’ll show you how to activate the feature with a few simple steps. Microsoft Support

Enabling Windows dark mode - Microsoft Support

Select Personalization which features an icon of a paintbrush over a computer monitor. When thewindow opens, click Colors in the left-hand sidebar. At the bottom of the Colors menu, you’ll find Choose your default app mode with two options for Light (which is the default) and Dark. Check the bubble beside Dark.
The Dark Mode features a black background, dark-gray scrollbars and white text.

The Settings application should turn dark, and so should other applications. However, you will find that some apps do not support Dark Mode and, you should note that some of the desktop applications like Windows 10’s File Explorer will not be affected. Desktop applications such as Paint.NET will change upon this setting.
To enable a built-in dark theme for other desktop applications, go to Settings, select Ease of Access, and then choose Color & High Contrast. On the right, look out for the High Contrast section and where you are required to Choose a Theme, set it to High Contrast Black setting. Click Apply to save the setting.

Microsoft Office - Microsoft Support

You can also enable dark mode in MS Office. Go to the File tab and select Options. In the sidebar it should indicate that you are in the General section. Down, you will see a heading: Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office. In the section, look out for Office Theme; Select it and switch it to Black.


To enable dark mode in Microsoft’s built-in browser, you will have to do so within its settings to dial down the brightness. Open Edge and click on the menu button in the top right corner. Select Settings and under Choose a theme, select Dark from the drop-down box.

Third party-browsers 

If you are using Chrome or Firefox, you can download extensions or add-ons that will turn down the lights. For Chrome, try Morpheon Dark or Slinky Elegant. For Firefox, take a look at the Dark Fox theme.
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