Step-by-Step Guide to Setup and Install Windows 7 using the Pen Drive

Windows 7 is considered to be one of the most prominent Operating Systems developed by Microsoft so far. It is perfect in terms of everything, be it related to its user interface or the performance level. After comparing Windows 7 with all the latest versions of OS, it is said that Windows 7 is still ahead. And, probably this is the reason why a lot of users want to get started with it once again.

Traditionally, the user had the benefits of installing the Windows 7 Operating System with the help of a CD or DVD. But now, one can easily do it even by a pen drive. However, you need to ensure that it has the storage capacity of at least 4GB. You can contact Windows 7 customer service to know more about the same. In the meantime, we have come up with this blog where we have enlisted the detailed descriptions and the steps for setting up and installing the Windows 7 OS from a pen drive. So, have a glance:

Get the ISO File (with disc)

With the help of the installation disc, you need to create the ISO File. The steps are as follows:

  • Insert the installation disc into the DVD drive
  • Download “ImgBurn”
  • Choose “custom installation”
  • Uncheck the boxes for any additional software
  • Repeat the process twice
  • Choose “Create Image file from the disc” after launching the ImgBurn
  • Select your DVD
  • Click on the Folder option
  • Click “Read” option
  • Save the file in a proper location

Get the ISO File (without disc)

In case, you don’t have the installation disc, you can directly download the ISO file from the official website of Microsoft. However, you would require the product key for the same. After you have visited the website, make sure that you have entered the product key and followed the on-screen instruction for downloading the ISO File.

Create the USB installation drive
  • Insert an empty pen drive, with at least 4GB storage capacity
  • Download the WUDT (Windows USB/DVD Download Tool)
  • Download it from
  • After you have launched WUDT, you may choose your ISO file by browsing
  • Choose “USB” option as the type of media
  • You will get a list, and from that list, you need to choose your pen drive
  • Install Windows 7 using pen drive

Insert the pen drive on your system
  • You need to reboot your system, followed by pressing the Setup, Boot and BIOS key
  • You will be asked to press the keys until the menu appears on your screen
  • After that, you need to open the Boot menu
  • You must setup your pen drive as the primary boot device. You may rearrange the boot order in order to do so.
  • After you have saved the changes, make sure that you have rebooted the system once

  • Now, you need to start the Windows setup process by choosing the language and the region.
  • Later, you need to choose the option “Install now”
  • You must choose the “Custom Installation” option as and when prompted
  • You need to choose the partition that you want to install. And, after you have selected the partition, you need to be aware of the fact that whatever is on this partition, it will be deleted.
  • Now, make sure that you are waiting as the installation would take a few extra minutes
  • Now, it is the time for the user to create its own user account
  • Here, you will be asked to enter the product key. After you have entered the product key, you can be assured of the fact that the Windows has been activated
  • In the end, you need to choose the option for “use recommended settings.” It will make sure that you are always notified with the latest updates.
  • Set your date and time accordingly, followed by choosing the network type
  • Just wait for a few minutes, and your process will be successfully completed.

Since the above given steps are lengthy and complicated, you might get stuck in the middle of the process. So, in such situations, it is best to take the help of the professionals who are available for you round the clock. Just ring them up on their specified number, and it’s a guarantee that your issue will be resolved. However, if you don’t have the number, get it from the website of –