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Need to run distinctive variants of Windows on a similar PC? With the progression of innovation it is conceivable and very simple at this point.

Need to run distinctive adaptations of Microsoft Support  Windows on a similar PC? With the headway of innovation it is conceivable and very simple at this point. For the greater part of the clients, running one working framework on their PC framework is sufficient, while others need to have two working frameworks keeping in mind the end goal to run a particular programming or application that isn't perfect with the more seasoned rendition of Windows. A few clients additionally need this on the off chance that they are utilizing Windows 7 yet ain't certain that they are prepared for the new Windows overhaul or not.

In the two cases, a double boot would go consummate. This will give you a chance to utilize the two Windows 7 and in addition Windows 8 run one next to the other. To arrange your PC framework for a double boot, you need to make a segment for Windows 8 and introduce it from there on. Before you do as such, recall to reinforcement all your vital records and information with a specific end goal to maintain a strategic distance from information misfortune chance amid plate segment change.

How to make another parcel in Windows 7? 

  • Press Windows + R key to open run 
  • Enter diskmgmt.msc to start plate administration 
  • To make space for Windows 8, you need to contract the C drive (Windows 7) 
  • To do this, right tap on hard drive and pick Shrink Volume and after that select how much space you need to contract 
  • Once done, right-tap on the unallocated parcel and pick New Simple Volume 
  • Presently experience the New Simple Volume Wizard and make a point to arrange new segments in NTFS and mark it "Windows 8" 

How to introduce Windows 8? 

  • Embed a bootable Windows 8 DVD or USB streak drive and afterward reboot it to begin Windows 8 establishment 
  • Select the kind of establishment as custom 
  • Pick the area (the new segment you have made) where the Windows 8 will be introduced
If you are unable to dual-boot Windows 7 to Windows 8 so you may call Microsoft Helpline Phone Number and resolve your Problem .